I want to help you tell stories with your organization or brand to share your message with the world! I am an award winning filmmaker and photographer, focusing my work on environmental issues, conservation of our wildlife and planet, and inspiring stories from the outdoors. I create compelling visuals in the form of short documentary films and photographs for your web and social media presence as well as for educational and campaign purposes. From the storyboard, the shoot to the editing room I work side by side with my clients to tell stories for your organization or brand which are worth talking about. My bachelor thesis was about how to create emotional documentary films, for my master thesis I am writing about how to use documentary films as a voice for nature conservation. Besides a written thesis I am also creating a documentary series about the Mediterranian Sea, for which I am working with scientists, ocean conservation and research organizations. With the series, I hope to bring awareness of the problems the Mediterranian Sea is facing. It is my goal to help you bring positive change through storytelling.
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