Mother Earth
Mother Earth is a short independent film which shall show that we need to take care of nature, because if it dies humans will die too. Deforestation, dumping trash in landfills and the ocean, building more and more houses and streets, raising more livestock and global warming is destroying earth. Each and everyone of us can do something to help nature, this film is calling for people to care more about our home, earth.
The identity of the character and the meaning of the film is kept a secret till the end of the film when it is revealed that the character is representing Mother Earth and that the voiceover was earth talking. The mystery of who the person might be and the cinematic shots shall keep the viewers attention up till the end of the short film. When it is not only revealed that mother earth was talking, but also the viewer is called to care more about nature.
A film by Sabine Probst    Actor: Rebecca Spangl

Directors Statement:
The idea of the short film „Mother Earth“ was to pack a very important message in a beautiful cinematic package. We are destroying earth and taking from it but not many of us give anything back. I did not want to throw the message of the film into the face of the viewer, so it stays low till the end. I tried to make the viewer feel connected with nature without him/her knowing that the film is calling people out to take more care of nature, so they don’t feel pressured to do something from the start and can enjoy the film.

SERVICE:  concept/ storyboard/
                    cinematography/ edit
YEAR:        2019
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