MOMENTUM is a documentary about a female climber who experiences her freedom when conquering  mountains.
She is taking a film team along with her on one of her climbing sessions, whilst telling about some of her past memories she has had with the mountains.

The film crew:
Christina Grill: camera & editing
Christof Geramb: camera & editing
Sabine Probst: directing, camera & editing

Director statement:
With "Momentum" we wanted to take the viewer along with a climber and show how much preparation and skill goes into climbing. The visuals are accompanied by stories the climber tells during the film, so the viewer does not only have insight on how everything works but also on experiences and feelings of the climber.

Everybody experiences freedom differently, for Kathrin it is the feeling when climbing. Kathrin is a young climber, sports and outdoor lover. "Momentum" shows her process of climbing and tells some of her experiences she had while climbing. ​​​​​​​

SERVICE: concept, directing, cinematography, editing
YEAR: 2020

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