"Gratwanderung" is a German documentary film about three mountain lovers. Each of them has their own connection and stories with the hight. Gratwanderung shows the affection of those three people to the mountains and stuns the viewer with beautiful pictures.
The documentary was shot on Austrian and German mountains in the period of three months during winter. The planing started in Oktober, the first shots were made in November and the movie had its first screening at the end of January.
a film by:  
Christina Grill: camera one  
Sabine Probst: director, camera two and poster
Markus Weber: postproduction and sound-design

Director statement: 
With Gratwanderung we wanted to show the connection from humans to the mountains. The film tells stories of three mountain lovers. The viewer will hear about exhausting climbs, tragic loses and the feeling of freedom accompanied by beautiful imagery.

The feeling of freedom and adrenaline always fascinated people and brought them to mountains. In GRATWANDERUNG three Austrian mountain-lovers share their stories on the heights from tragic loses to incredible happiness. The beauty of the mountains and banning stories will want to make the viewer see more.

SERVICE:      storyboard/ 
                       cinematography/ directing
YEAR:            2018/19
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