The last couple of months I was working with Jen Morilla on the image video and logo for her new project DO IT FOR HUMANITY. Do it for humanity is a movement to bring an positive impact for the future. 
It is not  just a regular brand, it is a brand that opens eyes to the possibility of changing the world. Jen Morilla believes that changing the world starts from within and ripples to the rest of the world. So she created: #doitforhumanity⁣⁣
Do it for humanity is an umbrella to The Social Girl Traveler. 
The brand includes:
- fund a cause or join a cause
- podcasts with people who change the world
- a social enterprise 
Please go and check out the website and instagram @doit_forhumanity for more information and inspiration.

CLIENT: Jen Morilla
SERVICE: concept/ part cinematography / post production
YEAR: 2019
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